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The Transnational City – ASMCF Annual Conference September 2019

Gathering in Paris to mark its 40th anniversary, the ASMCF annual conference on The Transnational City is co-organised and co-hosted by the University of London Institute and Paris and the American University of Paris.

This conference will consider the ways in which changing and accelerating patterns of urbanisation and migration have complicated and intensified post-colonial dynamics and new forms of neo-colonial relations. It will also address how the growth of the transnational city has impacted on the objects and structures of research in modern and contemporary French Studies, and to what extent this reflects changes in the landscape of higher education.

The keynote speakers are Madame Danielle Wozny (Maisons de la sagesse, traduire), Madame Francoise Gadet, (Emeritus Professor in Sociolinguistics, Université de Paris-Nanterre) and Monsieur Fabien Truong, (filmmaker and sociologist, Université de Paris 8).

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Wednesday 4 - Friday 6 September 2019

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