FM Review update July

Estates Maintenance: Bids have now been returned as part of the tender process and interviews with the shortlisted suppliers have been held. A process of clarifications is now taking place. Once we have chosen a preferred supplier, we will prepare an in-house comparator to determine what services we can provide in-house and what the cost of this would be. Recommendations will go to Board of Trustees for approval and we are on schedule to have new arrangements in place from February 2020. 

Security: An interim security contract is now in place to the end of May 2020. The security review has been completed and the key security risks have been shared and discussed with the trade unions and the ICE forum. Next we will consult with staff through existing meeting structures (e.g. departmental team meetings) and formulate a security strategy, which will inform the details of the security services we need for our estate. We are on schedule to implement the new strategy from January 2020.