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French Studies Taster Course - IP9107

University of London Institute in Paris

This taster course, taking place in central London, will give you an introduction to life at ULIP followed by a French studies taster session below:

L'Empire colonial et ses vestiges parisiens

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the French built, and lost, one of the most extensive colonial empires on the globe. This Taster Course, delivered in French, introduces students to some of the major themes of colonial history, asking them to reflect on the motives for imperial expansion, the practices of imperial rule, and the influence of Empire on the culture of the French metropole. The course underlines the contemporary relevance of the study of colonial history, and encourages students to think about the political, sociological and cultural legacies of Empire present in Paris today.

If you are interested in the BA in French Studies with International Relations programme, or if you are generally interested in International Politics, then you may also wish to register to attend our International Politics taster course from 1.30pm – 2.15pm taking place just before this French Studies taster course.

This taster course is taking place in central London (not Paris!)

French Studies, University of London Institute in Paris
French Studies Taster Course at University of London Institute in Paris