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imagenation is our biennial competition where students and alumni from all corners of the globe celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet through photography.

Image Nation collage
imagenation6 has been our biggest photo competition yet. The pure talent out there amongst our students and alumni never ceases to amaze us. Judging panel, 2018

The University of London has just closed its photo competition imagenation6. Following an unprecedented number of entries, the judging panel, and you the public, have spoken.

This year we gave University of London students and alumni from around the world the chance to enter photos across four categories – People and Culture, The Natural World, Street Life and Travel. Photos could feature people, places or things – shots that celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet.

See the winning and commended photos from imagenation6

We received some amazing images, please click through the gallery below to see the judges winning photos, plus the ‘People’s Choice’ winning shot.

Thirsty Bird, Imagenation

The people's choice - Top voted winning photo, Thirsty bird by Animesh Sinha

Shot in South Sudan. A lone bird waiting for water to drip down reflecting the very essence of struggle for limited resources prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rohingya refugee child with kite, Imagenation

People and culture - 1st place, Rohingya refugee child with kite by Samsul Alam Mehedi

This photo was taken in Thyankhali Rohingya refugee camp while a wounded Rohingya boy was trying to fly a kite.

Forbidden Sunset, Imagenation

People and culture - 2nd place, Forbidden sunset by Ana Catarina Duarte

Witnessing this shepherd with his flock was a rare, happy moment at a time when women were not allowed out of the house alone after sunset.

Imagenation6 3rd place

People and culture - 3rd place, Lady in red by Ozan Cara

Imagenation6, natural world 1st place

The natural world - 1st place, A sea of reindeer by Christine Amour-Levar

Shot in winter 2015, at -36°C. Travelling in Siberia following the migration of the reindeer of the Yamal Peninsula and the world's oldest surviving nomads.

Imagenation6, natural world 2nd place

The natural world - 2nd place, Rest for the weary by Sarah Chua

There is an indescribable force that holds an image together, this shaded corner of the local bird park was the perfect spot for the swan and myself.

Imagenation6, natural world 3rd place

The natural world - 3rd place, There will always be room for your hand in mine by Annette John

I took this photo in Uganda after trekking for eight hours through thick forest to observe the mountain gorillas, an amazing animal on the brink of extinction.

Imagenation6, street life 1st place

Street life - 1st place, Ball park figures by Bettina Schricker

Imagenation6, street life 2nd place

Street life - 2nd place, Last light by Patrick Royle

imagenation6, 3rd place street life

Street life - 3rd place, Imagination by Liu MinYang

Shot in a local gallery. I noticed everyone's attention was fixed on the paintings, except for this boy - maybe he was painting his own masterpiece in his head.

imagenation6, 1st place travel

Travel - 1st place, Dhow ride in Lamu by Christa Awuor Odinga-Svanteson

I captured this man adjusting the sail of his dhow while I travelled on the Lamu archipelago in Kenya. Donkeys, dhows and boats are the only forms of transport.

imagenation6, 2nd place travel

Travel - 2nd place, In the shadow of giants by Irina Bird Reddiar

Trees have always been my passion, with a dream to visit the giant sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park USA. I felt humbled and small in their presence.

imagenation6, 3rd place place travel

Travel - 3rd place, Frozen Prygl by Edis Livnjak