Innovative computer science learning for all with launch of world-first undergraduate degree on Coursera

A pioneering approach to computer science learning will be opened up to scholars around the globe following a collaboration between the University of London and its member institution Goldsmiths, University of London and online platform Coursera.


New BSc Computer Science degree

Applications open in January 2019. Please register your interest (via Coursera) for updates about the BSc Computer Science.

The BSc Computer Science is due to start teaching in April 2019, with students able to register their interest now.

The programme has been designed to equip students to access careers in emerging technologies, providing opportunities for students to study machine learning, data science, virtual reality, game development and web programming to meet the needs of career changers in industry as well as those taking their first steps into the innovative computer science field.

Students will benefit from Goldsmiths' world-renowned expertise in computer science and education technology, which fosters an interactive and creative learning experience in subject areas which include Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. 

This approach will allow students to learn the principles of computer science in an applied project, giving students the freedom to choose engaging and applied projects, such as game development or graphics. 

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Professor Robert Zimmer, Head of the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths said: “We’re very pleased to be delivering Coursera’s first undergraduate degree programme.

It’s exciting to bring together our approach to computer science as a creative discipline with the latest innovative techniques for delivering online learning experiences.

The teaching methods incorporate engaging interactive activities, applied projects and personal support provided by the University of London. The curriculum choices respond to the learning needs of students and to the skills required by employers in a growing global industry.

Dr Mary Stiasny, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) University of London, said: “It is fitting that we, the first English University to have joined Coursera, are now working closely with them to deliver this world-class online undergraduate degree programme. This online degree programme will transform the way in which quality higher education is delivered, through cutting-edge functionality provided by Coursera.

This collaboration with the best in their fields will undoubtedly provide our students with an exciting and inspirational experience that will motivate them to excel in their studies. 

As technology advances, it brings with it rapid changes to the global education sector. However, the mission of the University of London remains the same, and the online BSc in Computer Science will not only enable the University to maintain its unrivalled access record, but it will also contribute to increasing access and participation with a world class degree that aims to educate students through innovative new subject areas, such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, all skills that will benefit the workforce of the future.

Jeff Maggioncalda, the CEO of Coursera, said:

The University of London is working with Coursera to open doors of opportunity for people around the world by creating the first bachelor’s degree ever delivered on our platform.

In order to serve the millions of people who come to Coursera to learn computer science skills online, we’ve built out a platform of features that enable instructors to create interactive learning content and assignments for all levels of computer science education.

He added:

Combined with the University of London’s expertise in providing one-on-one student support in distance learning programs, this bachelor’s degree will help student build the knowledge they need to become the technology leaders of tomorrow.

Online tutors for academic guidance will be available for students on the BSc (Hons) Computer Science programme as well as student relationship managers for additional pastoral support. 

Students can register their interest in the programme through the Coursera website

Alongside exploring advances in technology and learning platforms the organisations are committed to making this opportunity open to all, with a performance-based route to admission allowing those with non-standard qualifications to join the programme.