Free party in the Bois de Vincennes, summer 2020 (John Bingham-Hall)

Wild Natures and Queer Counter-Publics

As part of 'Commons, Wilds, Infrastructures' project led by Dr John Bingham-Hall, Banister Fletcher Fellow, this Paris-based seminar and walk will think through queer perspectives on public space and ecology.


Knowledge Diplomacy and Crisis

What is the role of higher education institutions in times of crisis, such as conflict? Join us online for our next Knowledge Diplomacy series on Wednesday 25 May 2022. The event is an opportunity for an interdisciplinary panel of experts from academia and diplomacy to discuss the implications for the creation, exchange and sharing of knowledge in the context of crises.

Theory in Crisis May 2022

Theory in Crisis Seminar - Geoff Gilbert: Crisis For Real

Is there still a role for realism, as a way of modelling and politically mediating action and its conditions? Join Geoff Gilbert online or in person on Wednesday 25 May for the next Theory in Crisis seminar.

Green space, Paris. Photo by John Bingham-Hall

The Banister Fletcher Fellowship 2021-22

For the second iteration of the Banister Fletcher Fellowship, we are delighted to welcome Dr John Bingham-Hall to lead a programme of research that will explore some of the implications of the new focus on ‘green infrastructures’ as they are playing out in the cities of Paris and London.

Mapping Paris Podcast Image Cover

Mapping Paris Podcast

Despite pandemic conditions, the 2020/21 cohort of MA Urban History and Culture students have produced a fascinating series of site-based podcasts mapping their study of Paris.

About ULIP

The University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) has over 50 years’ experience welcoming students outside of France.

  • 120 : undergraduate students
  • 80 : postgraduate students
  • 5 : disciplines/areas
Girl sitting reading in Paris in front of Notre Dame cathedral

A life-changing university experience in one of the best student cities in the world

The University of London Institute in Paris offers you the best of both worlds: a world-renowned British university in the centre of the French capital. You will develop your French language skills and be able to take advantage of life-changing and career-enhancing experiences.

You will look beyond borders, engage with an interconnected and ever-changing world and broaden your perspectives.

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