Post-doc (University of Lille); Post-doc (University of Louvain-la-Neuve); Post-doc (Lincean Academy in Rome); PhD (University of Nanterre/University of Turin)

Summary of research interests and expertise

  • Theories of Global Capitalism
  • Theories of Modernity
  • International Politics
  • Crisis Theories
  • Critics of Neoliberalism
  • Social Movements
  • (Neo-)workerism

My researches deal with, on the one hand, global governance, the radicalization of neoliberalism, the transformations of the State, the precarization of life conditions and the role of finance in these processes. On the other hand, I study the different cycles of mobilization that took place on a global scale after 2008. More specifically, my research focuses on the French sequence, from the movement of 2016 against the labor reform to the Yellow Vests and beyond. This research is animated by the attempt to update the conceptual apparatus of neo- or post-workerist approaches.


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  • « Die Herausforderung der Moderne », in Simmel Studies, n° 1-2/2016, pp 259-88.

Research Projects & Supervisions

I am currently preparing materials for a book on global capitalism, the crisis and social movements. In this regard, beyond several reviews and articles on various blogs and sites, I am working on the ecological crisis, in particular on global warming and the pandemic. Two articles should come out soon:

  • Bienvenue dans le passé. Autonomie de la nature, combustibles fossiles et Capitalocène
  • Retour sur le présent. Espaces globaux, nature sauvage et crises pandémiques