The Millennium Universal College - TMUC

Recognised Teaching Centre

The Millennium Universal College (TMUC) is a private, independently governed transnational education initiative owned and operated by Roots Millennium Schools Education Group.

The Millennium Universal College have another campus in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi.

Watch an introductory video from Mr Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq, Chief Executive Officer at TMUC.

Welcome from the Centre

TMUC aspires to be recognised as the leading college for borderless education, committed to providing opportunities that exceed the local stream of education.

TMUC has articulated collaborative, affiliated and partnership arrangements with renowned international institutions, universities of higher learning, professional bodies, and global assessment associations with professional and higher education portfolios.

From foundation programmes to postgraduate degrees to professional certification, there is a programme to match a broad range of professional needs and career requirements.

Preparing students for their future career choices is a key strategic goal for TMUC Pakistan. All our students are expected to attain core employability skills, developed in consultation with employers, to ensure students meet employers' requirements.

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Student testimonial

Ali Kaif

Ali Kaif - Politics and International Relations

“I fall short of words while jotting down my five-year journey here. Looking back to the day I arrived - I see myself as a completely transformed individual. I’ve learnt how to deal with people and situations.

I will remember fondly the amazing people I have met and the amazing time I have spent at TMUC. The best part of this journey was becoming the Head Boy in my final year. Now that I'm leaving my Alma Mater, I can't wait to see what the world has to offer me.”

Graduation date: 2016

"It’s important not just to teach law well, but also to create good lawyers. That's what TMUC guides us to be." - Masham Sheraz