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International Women's Day 2017 at the University of London

The University of London has set numerous milestones for women in higher education institutes in Britain. With it being the first in the country to offer degrees to women and the first to appoint a female Vice-Chancellor in the Commonwealth, the University has great reason to celebrate International Women’s Day by celebrating the success of women around the world.

The University of London was the first higher education institute to admit women in the 1840s, with a supplementary charter written in 1878 admitting women degrees on an equal status with men.

As well as being the first British university to offer degrees to women, it was also the first to appoint a female lecturer and Vice-Chancellor. English Literary critic and lecturer Caroline Spurgeon was appointed as the first female University professor in 1900, and in 1948 Dame Lillian Penson was appointed as the first female Vice-Chancellor in any University in the Commonwealth. Today, 54.6% of the workforce at the University of London is made up of women and the University is committed to continue encouraging gender parity, both amongst its staff and students.

To celebrate the successes of women across the world, the University of London invited colleagues to nominate women from a range of disciplines, backgrounds and accomplishments that inspired them.

The shortlist will be displayed in the Crush Hall, recognising the contribution made in inspiring colleagues across the University. Each was chosen for their social, economic, cultural or political achievements, in line with the focus of International Women’s Day.