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5 London art trails to see this summer

Museums and art galleries throughout London are now opening up once again for the public, and you may be flocking to the capital to see what artworks are on display. But you don’t necessarily have to book to see some breathtaking pieces this summer. 

Hidden amongst the city’s diverse landscapes lies a variety of public art. From majestic large-scale pieces to intricate works hidden just around the corner, you won’t be disappointed by the London art trails.

Top 5 London art walks to explore this summer

Each trail offers a unique and memorable experience, all scattered throughout the country’s capital. These trails are a great way to explore London and celebrate different aspects of its vibrant community. Here’s the ones you should check out this year.

ArcelorMittal Orbit - The Line Art Walk London
First opened in 2015, The Line is London’s first dedicated contemporary art walk.

The Line art walk

Spanning three miles along waterways, the trail is all about exploring the city’s docks as well as its stunning art works. The online version of The Line map includes prime spots for seeing London’s wildlife, truly showcasing the beauty of the city.

The Line art walk includes the works of 10 different artists, each one unique and monumental in their own way. Each sculpture has its own story to tell (find this on the map). For example, ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor to mark the Olympic Games and was inspired by the Tower of Babel. Its twirling structure provides a different perspective from every angle, emphasising its unstableness.

Your adventure doesn’t stop at the end of the trail, either. Just eight minutes away is Uber Boat by Thames Clippers - a great opportunity to see London from the Thames itself. Alternatively, have a coffee break at some fantastic cafes situated nearby. Visit The Line website for full details.

Square Mile - Sculpture In The City London
This London sculpture trail has 19 works situated around Square Mile.

Sculpture in the City

Sculpture in the City is a free contemporary sculpture trail that has shown over 130 pieces of art to date. It’s currently in its 10th year, illuminating London’s corporate areas by adding colour and perspective on the relationship between art and architecture.

This London sculpture trail has 19 works situated around Square Mile, spanning across Bishopsgate, Leadenhall Market, Fenchurch Street Station Plaza, and Mitre Square. The artworks differ in scale and medium. From a vinyl mural on a pair of escalators to a sculpture made out of recycled plastic bottles, there’s something for everyone in this art trail.

William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow - E17 Art Trail
E17 is an 18-day art festival that was created by residents of Walthamstow.

E17 Art Trail

E17 is an 18-day art festival that was created by residents of Walthamstow. This festival is dedicated to the emerging artists who share their work within the trail. Each year has its own theme, designed to initiate conversations about relevant topics and current events. This exhibition is also an opportunity to discover the artworks of upcoming artists and creators. More than 200 venues are participating in the E17 art trail for 2021, which will run from the 1st - 18th of July. 

This year’s theme is ‘Possible Futures’. Reflective of the uncertainty produced by the pandemic, this theme is also inclusive of several significant movements that currently occupy our world. Discussions around climate change, inequality and the future of our creative industries all come into play. E17 is designed to strengthen the local community by welcoming these discussions whilst celebrating the works of upcoming artists and creatives. See E17 Art Trail for full info.

Mayfair - Wander Art Walk London
Around Mayfair and Belgravia, this trail includes everything from cartoon-style houses to vibrant murals.

The Wander Art Walk

Located in Mayfair and Belgravia, Wander Art Walk is a London art walk that features the works of 12 renowned artists. Each art piece is distinctive and colourful, capturing the artist’s perspective of London. The fact that the participating creators are both London based and international makes this trail even more intriguing.

Providing a unique way to experience outdoor London, the trail includes everything from cartoon-style houses to vibrant murals. One particular piece is titled See Through by Morag Myerscough. This scaffold sculpture is constructed from bamboo and carries hand-painted messages, all different in colour, as a response to current society.

At the end of the trail, you’ll also find yourself near plenty of eateries, including The Alchemist and City Bar and Kitchen. You’re also not far from Liverpool St Station, from which you can take a short journey to Stay Central. We offer a variety of rooms for both short and long stays, the perfect place for ending the day.

Liverpool Street Station - Broadgate Art Trail London
The Broadgate Art Trail is designed to capture the imagination of both locals and commuters.

Broadgate Art Trail

Based near Liverpool St Station, the trail is an escape from the buzz of a busy location. Its range of large-scale artworks all vary in medium, from mythological sculptures to landscapes on paper displayed side by side. 

Each work is colourful and unique, juxtaposing the sleek architecture of London. The Broadgate trail seeks to inspire creativity for the commuters of the capital, invoking a range of emotions for passers-by. One example is Fulcrum, created by Richard Serra. This sculpture is 55 feet high, and consists of five plates of weather-proof steel. These trapezoidal plates lean against each other to create a self-supporting design. Locals and commuters are encouraged to enter the sculpture from any angle and seek sanctuary from its surrounding landscape.

At the end of the trail, you’ll only be a short walk from London’s Spitalfields Market. A lively hub offering independent clothing, artwork, furniture and restaurants, it’s worth adding to your must-visit list. On the website, info about the Broadgate Art Trail.

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