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Visiting Your Teen at University – Accommodation Tips

As the September approaches, your teenagers might be leaving home for the first time to study at university in a new city. We take you through the essential things to look for when searching for central London Accommodation.

Visiting Your Teen At University

September is fast approaching. This means that your teenager might be leaving home for the first time to study at university in a new city. As a parent you probably feel happy and excited for them but also some sadness at the thought of them moving out after 18 years.

There’s no need to worry. Although they are leaving, the fact that your child is embarking on a new adventure in a different city means that you get to go and visit them at their new university and see their new life. 

Visiting your teen student in central London 

If your teen is starting an under-grad course at the University of London you will want to look for places to stay when you visit them. Online searches might reveal cheap hotels or B&Bs in the general area but finding trusted, comfortable and value for money accommodation that you can use every visit will help you to have the best time with your son or daughter.  

Booking hotels and B&Bs can be quite tricky. Central London is a very popular area and can be quite expensive based on its close proximity to the city centre and London’s many famous tourist hotspots. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, staying centrally can mean inflated over-night costs for accommodation. 

It may also be hard to find somewhere close to your teen’s halls of residence. Being situated near local and national transport links should be a priority if you want to take the stress out of travelling to your accommodation. 

Here are the top 11 most important things to consider when looking for a room in central London: 

1. Is it affordable? 

Central London hotels are normally very expensive. This can be OK if you only plan to visit for 1 or 2 nights but if you want to stay longer then it’s a good idea to find somewhere that won’t break the bank. Look for value for money accommodation that hasn’t compromised on comfort.  

2. Is it in a convenient location?

Staying at a hotel that is far away from the person you are visiting isn’t ideal, especially if you are relying on public transport to get around. Finding accommodation close to the person you are visiting means you spend less time on a bus and more time with your loved one. This is especially important if you are visiting someone staying in residential halls.

3. Is it easy to get to? 

If you have flown in from another country or caught a train/bus from somewhere else in the UK you will mostly likely find yourself at one of the cities’ major transport stations. Travelling across London can be difficult, especially if you have luggage. Finding accommodation that is situated near easy to access transport links will take the stress out of your journey to and from your destination.

Affordable Accommodation In Central London

Based in the leafy university district of Bloomsbury, our accommodation is affordable and close to handy transport links.

Central London Accommodation
Central London Scene with bus

What shops and resources are nearby?

4. Are there grocery shops close by?

When staying in self-catering accommodation, you might want to buy some teabags, milk or even some biscuits. Book a room within walking distance of a grocery store to avoid running low on essentials for your stay. 

5. Is it near popular landmarks and things to do?

This isn’t essential but it it’s nice and convenient if you don’t have to travel far to see some of the landmarks that make London one of best tourist hotspots in the world. Central London is packed full of beautiful and historical sites. Choose accommodation that’s conveniently placed close to some of the best things to see in London for a memorable trip.

6. Is it easy to book?

Fiddly online booking systems are a real pain, especially if you’re in a rush or trying to book on a smart phone or tablet. Get your trip off to the best possible start by choosing a room that is really easy to book. Look for accommodation with an easy to use website with obvious contact details and a great customer service team.

7. Is there someone available on-site to ask for help?

If something is wrong with your room, you’ll need on-site assistance. Many hotels now operate with minimal staff instead favouring online or phone support. This can be incredibly frustrating if you have an issue that needs dealing with immediately. Get the personal touch by booking a room that is in a well-managed building with around the clock support staff.

8. Is it warm in winter and well-ventilated in summer?

No matter what time of year, being too hot or cold isn’t fun. In fact, both can make you feel miserable. Before you book make sure that your preferred accommodation option has heating that works and air conditioning for when it’s hot outside. Top tip: if you want to avoid a hot and stuffy room choose a room on the ground floor.

9. Where can I park my car?

Cheap on-street parking in central London is hard to find. If you plan to drive to London be prepared to pay high parking meter rates. It’s also highly likely that you might end up having to park far away from where you are staying. A better solution is to find accommodation that includes free or reduced rate parking.

10. Is it quiet?

Day and night, city centres are normally busy and loud. Choosing accommodation away from congested main roads and noisy night life will help you to get a good night’s rest. Before booking a room ask about how rowdy the area is. Ask if you can choose a room that doesn’t overlook a main road or a bustling thoroughfare.

11. Group Accommodation

If you are travelling with your family, you’ll want to find accommodation suitable for large groups. This can be difficult during holiday or peak seasons and you might end up paying inflated costs for rooms. Find out if hotels offer larger rooms for families and whether they are flexible to last minute booking additions.

Centrally Located, close to St Pancras and Russel Square

Our accommodation is located in the heart of Zone 1, Bloomsbury, close to iconic attractions.

Affordable Accommodation in Central London
camden street scene london

Stay Central: A central London accommodation solution

Stay Central offer affordable accommodation in the leafy west central London suburb of Bloomsbury. We have a unique variety of incredible accommodation options in central London locations perfect for visiting the University of London.  

Our centrally situated,  accommodation options include self-catered apartments and bed and breakfast flats and rooms. 

Find out more about Stay Central Accommodation in central London visit our website now.  

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