Improve your student experience with ISIC!

The virtual student card from ISIC has a whole host of benefits and discounts for University of London students. 

Written by Haala H. |

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''With so many discount offers, it really is an opportunity not to be missed''.

Student life is amazing, but it can also sometimes be hard. We all crave independence, we look forward to gaining new experiences and maybe even moving to another country. All of it is incredibly exciting, but are we ready for it? We have to face an entirely new life, unexpected expenses, and all of this may cause a little stress. However, being prepared for it makes a big difference. In this blog post, I would love to help you make your student life easier by sharing some of my favourite benefits of the ISIC virtual student card, which you can take advantage of as a student of University of London.

Studying at a University is, for many of us, the best time of our lives - but this memorable time comes with costs. There are miscellaneous expenses which can burn a hole in our pockets. So it is important to save money while studying. But how?

Everybody loves a discount and one of the best things of being a student is getting loads of discounts. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts at home and in over 133 countries worldwide!

It is aimed at helping students make their lives easier and more economical by giving them discounts at various stores. You can enjoy special offers on food, books, shopping, accommodation and travel. Therefore, it’s a perfect fit for both travelling and studying overseas. It is also considered an acceptable form of student identity in many UK stores.

For a distance learner especially, the ISIC virtual student card is a great advantage. ISIC is the only internationally accepted, UNESCO endorsed proof of student status. Next to that, the card offers over 40,000 different discounts, services and benefits both locally and across the world. You can take it with you wherever you go; from your daily coffee, to the software of your laptop, the house you live, the gym you go to, the food you eat and the transport you take. It is all easier and cheaper with an ISIC. Not only in UK, but worldwide, ISIC is a great companion. Below are some examples of the benefits:

With ISIC, you get help with your TOEFL and IELTS tests. You can learn German, French and English with discounts. Plus, you get help with your thesis with a discount!

With ISIC, you can book simple flights, but also around the world tickets. In Europe, take the IdBus, great for city trips! If you are in town, book yourself a BimBimbike, get an Uber or take a hop-on-hop-off bus to explore.

Culture – Focus on The Netherlands
Go all out in the Netherlands and visit the Royal Palace, Rembrandthuis and cycle around Amsterdam with a discount. Go on a canal tour or the Tropenmuseum, all with a very nice discount. When you travel abroad the possibilities are endless with your virtual student card.

You can enjoy a lazy day and order your food at Thuisbezorgd with a 3 Euro discount. If you prefer to go out for dinner, the Hard rock Café serves ISIC meals!

Online shopping is a dream with ISIC. Shops like Forever 21,, Missguided, and Zalando offer great discounts. You can get everything from new sneakers at Frontrunner to awesome headphones at Urbanears.

With so many discount offers, it really is an opportunity not to be missed. So activate your ISIC virtual student card today and open the door to a world of discounts!

Haala is studying the LLB via distance learning in Pakistan.

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