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Student Experience Survey video project

The Student Voice Group helped to produce a series of videos that inquire about main areas of concern, and show the internal workings, along with its commitment towards improvement.

Written by Ashley Stepanek Lockhart, Student Voice Group member |

Filming the response to the Student Experience Survey
Filming the response to the Student Experience Survey 2015-2016

As part of ‘closing the feedback loop’ of the Student Experience Survey 2015-2016, we as the Student Voice Group, helped to produce a series of videos that inquire about main areas of concern in the results, and show the internal workings of the University of London along with its commitment towards improvement. Four videos were produced in collaboration with the University, featuring SVG members posing questions to senior members of staff about academic support, the virtual learning environment (VLE), assessment and coursework, and communications.

Questions were pooled and refined within the SVG after reviewing the survey results and program level responses in 2016, and identifying main areas. Senior members of staff were engaged to respond in relation to their responsibilities and understanding of main areas, and to provide more information about factors that affect the process and outcome of decisions taken by the International Programmes and member institutions of the University.

For example, in the first video (1 of 4), Dr. Mary Stiasny, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International), explains the delicate balance of maintaining quality academic support and keeping tuition fees accessible for students around the world. She references specific programme activities towards maintaining and improving that balance, in addition to how survey results in this area have stimulated further research by the academy. It does not stop there; in response to this further research, the University’s Center for Distance Education is now developing online modules focused on improving study skills for all students.

The project enabled us to ask the University questions that we thought all of us, the wider student body, might be interested in knowing the answers to. “These videos are very much for students, and show that the University takes our concerns seriously and are engaged in making changes” says Mariann, this year’s Chair of the Student Voice Group who also features in the videos.

If anything, these videos demonstrate the importance of completing the Student Experience Survey to make your voice heard and to serve as an evidence base for the direction of further enhancements. Take 5 to 10 minutes to complete it using the link sent to your email inbox.

If you have any comments about the videos, please share them here. We’d love to hear what you think.

This post was written by Ashley Stepanek Lockhart, Student Voice Group member and student member of the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee.

Video 2 on Virtual Learning Environment

Video 3 on Assessment and Coursework

Video 4 on Communications with Students:

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