The virtual student card: benefits and discounts across the world

If you're studying with the University of London, an ISIC virtual student card could open up a world of savings.

Written by Edidiong I. |

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''Whether you're travelling the world, or in your home country, register with ISIC and see what the virtual student card has to offer you''.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Virtual Student Card has numerous benefits for students around the globe. The University of London makes this card available to enable its students take advantage of numerous benefits and discounts, both at home and abroad. It provides some form of identification with the school (known for its global prestige) and also helps to ensure that all its students, regardless of where in the world they study, can feel part of a worldwide community.

A few weeks after having registered as a University of London student, instructions regarding how to register for the ISIC virtual student card are sent and a profile can be created. Many students may still not know about the card, or perhaps underestimate its value, but for those who take advantage of it, numerous benefits can be enjoyed.

A previous article provides a great insight into the benefits of the virtual student card which University of London students can access. However, as a foreign and distance learning student (from Nigeria), I initially thought that these benefits were restricted to a select few countries. However, I later discovered that the virtual student card can also be used actively in Nigeria as well, providing access to discounts on movie tickets, pastries, internship programme opportunities, medical care and pharmaceutical purchases, photography training, confectionery and café purchases, hair salon services, gym facilities and more!

Speaking to University of London students residing in other countries has also made me aware of the benefits they have received, in their various locations around the world. You can see which discounts are available in your city or country by using the ISIC app. Here are just a few examples:

Canada: discounts of varying percentages, including city-specific student discounts upon presentation of the ISIC student card.

Ireland: discounts on various products and services in stores, restaurants, online shopping platforms and more.

Australia/New Zealand: discounts ranging from 10-20% on numerous products and services, free services from Red Earth Migration and many more.

Germany: 10% discount on certain types of travel. 

Generally, the ISIC student card affords students in various countries discounts which are both specific to their location, and global. These benefits range from hotels, tourism, shopping, flight bookings, to others such as tour discounts, bus rides, bike rental services (a personal favourite of mine!), student accommodation, zoo visits, research and analytical data on Statista and more. The ISIC virtual student card takes into account the needs that students have, and makes a range of goods, services and opportunities more affordable for them.

So join me in exploring the benefits I’ve outlined here, and more! Whether you’re travelling the world, or in your home country, register with ISIC and see what the virtual student card has to offer you.

Here’s how you can sign up:

1. Download the ISIC app on your smartphone.

2. Sign up with the same email you registered with (and where you receive emails from us) and the ISIC number and name given in the email you received from ISIC. You will also be required to upload a photo (you can just take a selfie there and then). Note that you cannot replace the photo once you have uploaded one.

3. Click “show ISIC card”.

4. Authenticate to finalise and you are ready to use your brand new University of London Virtual Student Card. 

5. Search your location and see what amazing discounts are available to you online and in store!

Edidiong is studying the MSc in Professional Accountancy via distance learning in Nigeria. 

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