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Celebrating the LGBT community across University of London

Today the University of London is marking the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act by flying the rainbow flag atop Senate House, celebrating the LGBT community across the University of London; our students, staff and alumni.

rainbow flag

Today we’re also looking ahead to our next exhibition at Senate House Library, Queer between the covers, which will examine the diverse ways in which literature has been central to culture’s handling and understanding of what queerness might mean.

Whether queer sexualities are being celebrated, pitied, mocked or denounced, books have not only been the preeminent means of debate, but have also been repeatedly taken as primary data on the nature of homosexuality, and thus the focus of prosecution.

Embracing forms from the pornographic to the melodramatic, the season will unveil and question the many passionate, and often problematic, struggles for acceptance, liberation and repression that have been waged between the covers of books.

We’re proud to celebrate 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act, but are looking forward the progress that is to come.