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A Global MBA for the next generation of business leaders

Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos talks about leading a Global MBA that will help students to reshape their career.

Written by Peter Quinn |

Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos, Global MBA Programme Director
"The strategic project brings in expertise from all of the different specialisms": Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos

“Uncertainty and turbulence are important issues in today’s world,” Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos says. “Today, we need executives who can adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing business world. An MBA provides the necessary conceptual tools and knowledge to address these challenges, as well as the ability to apply these tools in the context in which executives operate.”

Taking up his post as Programme Director for the University of London’s Global MBA in April – and recently installed in his Bloomsbury office – Koufopoulos was one of the academic team who developed the Global MBA and has delivered two modules since the programme launched in January 2017. “I really want to have a hands-on experience,” as he notes. 

“The advantage of a flexible online MBA is that students can set their own pace and apply what they’re studying in their current role. We’re not thinking only about executives – people working in big multinationals – but also small business owners who want to expand their companies.”

A member of numerous professional organisations including the European Academy of Management (EURAM), the Strategic Management Society (USA) and the Academy of Management (USA), Koufopoulos is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultants (UK) and a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Professional accreditation

As the Global MBA is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Koufopoulos adds that students benefit from having CMI membership for the duration of their registration and – for students who study optional modules in accountancy – membership of CIMA.

“Through these partnerships, students also benefit from networking opportunities, CPD and job-hunting opportunities, as well as access to extensive online resources,” Koufopoulos says. 

Global MBA
Apply by 11 June 2018 to join the next intake of the Global MBA.

A network of peers

Launched in partnership with Queen Mary University of London and now in its fifth intake, the Global MBA has students from 70 different countries with a wide range of industry experience and academic backgrounds.

“Students can create a real network of peers all over the world,” Koufopoulos notes, “a community with whom they can exchange ideas and which can hopefully lead to business opportunities.”

In addition to learning from one another from different sides of the world, Koufopoulos hopes in the future to introduce an element of face-to-face learning.

“In the medium term, we envisage creating ‘learning weeks’ in different cities, where staff and students come together. We’re hoping to invite students to our first learning week in London next year.”

“The strategic project is the flagship component"

Led by an international faculty, the programme deals with real-life scenarios and decision making, notably through the strategic project.

“The strategic project is the flagship component of the Global MBA,” Koufopoulos tells me. “It’s a business game which the students run in groups, bringing in expertise from all of the different specialisms. Students will be exposed to all of the same issues that managers and executives face in real life.

“The project not only encourages students to develop their business research skills, but also helps to develop communication skills, problem-solving, resource management, teamwork and a host of other skills as applied to business management and corporate decision making.”

Also offering specialist pathways in accountancy, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, law, and leadership, Koufopoulos says that he is excited to lead a programme that will give students "the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities to reach their goals and reshape their career."