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Celebrating another record year at the 2019 SIM Achievers' Event

Staff from SIM, the University of London, LSE and Goldsmiths came together to celebrate the very best performers in the 2019 examinations.

Written by Heath Tan |

SIM Achievers' Event 2019
"All in all, another year of celebrations and happy faces, another year of knowing that hard work pays"

The vision of Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is to be “The centre of excellence in education, management development and lifelong learning”. The Achievers’ Event held on the evening of 22 November at SIM showed just how well we are doing in that aspect.

The annual Achievers’ Event is when SIM staff, lecturers and colleagues from the University of London, LSE and Goldsmiths come together to celebrate the achievements of the very best performers in the 2019 examinations – and there was plenty of cause for celebration.

After the May 2019 examinations, 245 students achieved a First Class Honours classification for their degrees, which is a new record. Further records were also broken, as 10 of our International Foundation Programme students achieved Distinction, nine of our MSc in Professional Accountancy students achieved Distinction, and 66 students achieved the top mark in the world across all programmes. Additionally, seven CHESS (Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences) students achieved Distinction, 79 students received Letters of Commendation, and the icing on the cake was the 29 Awards for Academic Achievement.

As part of our vision to encourage lifelong learning, we also had a video of Abdul Hakeem Bin Akbar Ali, Aaron Chia and Saul Holding sharing their experiences with our Academic Achievers. Hakeem and Aaron are pursuing their master’s at the LSE on scholarship; Saul is pursuing a second master’s at Harvard, after spending a year at the LSE.

Sam Yong, who was a master’s scholarship recipient at UCL in 2018/19, was in attendance to share his experience and encourage his juniors. Sam made a short video of his experiences at UCL, and shared in detail why pursuing a master’s degree with UoL is one of the best decisions he has made.

Representing the University and the member institutions to applaud the academic accolades were Professor Paul Kelly, Dean of EMFSS at LSE; Ms Elizabeth Aitken, LSE’s Director of Summer School, Executive and International Programmes; Dr Maggie Cooper, Programme Director for Computing and Information Systems and Creative Computing at Goldsmiths; and Mr Chris New, Deputy Director for the University of London’s International Foundation Programme. Welcoming everyone to this year’s Achievers’ Event was SIM Group’s President and CEO, Mr Seah Chin Siong.

All in all, another year of celebrations and happy faces, another year of knowing that hard work pays, another year for our students and graduates to set new goals and enjoy the journey towards achieving them.

Heath Tan is an Executive at SIM Higher Education.