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Professional development empowers teachers in their classrooms

The Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Teacher Development enables teachers to examine their teaching practice to improve the quality of learning for students and become a problem solver in their classroom.

Written by Lindsay Alexander |

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Manage your own learning and reflect on your teaching practice to improve and change the outcomes for your learners.

With an increasing focus on the quality of the educational experience provided in classrooms, there is a growing need for professional development opportunities for teachers, allowing them to strengthen their practice and refresh their teaching strategies.

University of London’s new online Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Teacher Development offers the opportunity for continuing the professional development of teachers working in schools around the world.

Originally developed to help support schools in Dubai, the initial delivery of the programme contributed to significant changes in practice across classrooms, improving the quality of student learning.

The programme enables teachers to develop and enhance teaching and learning practices; work with colleagues to engage and reflect on successful teaching practices and understand models of teaching practice in the context of research undertaken by UCL Institute of Education academics.

Programme Director, Kim Insley, considers the course to be a framework that encourages teachers to develop and reflect on their own practices, “Good teachers always perfect on their own practice, but it’s much easier to do when there is a framework provided.”

As well as providing a platform for self-reflection, gaining this qualification could potentially lead to career progression within the education sector. “It will empower teachers to become problem solvers in their own classrooms. This is a skill that is greatly valued,” she added.

The programme is offered fully online, with no requirement to come to the UK and comprises two core 30-credit modules that can be completed from anywhere in the world. Each module offers a structured learning experience with a coherent set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria to support you in your learning. The flexible, online approach encourages communication with a wider community of learners and peer-to-peer interaction.

“This is a challenging course that requires high-level thinking through the course materials and meaningful personal reflection,” said Insley. “What works in one classroom may not work in another classroom and for that reason the teacher has to be empowered."

You are the expert in your classroom and we are building on your expertise and upskilling you to become a problem solver.

As a graduate, you will earn a University of London Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Teacher Development (FHEQ level 6) which may help you qualify for master’s level of study. In some countries, qualifications earned by distance and flexible learning may not be recognised by certain authorities or regulators for the purposes of public sector employment or further study, so you are advised to explore the local recognition status before you register.