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Pursuing a dream in Hong Kong

An alumnus and two current students – from the Philippines, Russia and Singapore respectively – tell us what drew them to Hong Kong to study.

Written by Peter Quinn |

Alumnus from Philippines, Russia and Singapore
"The programme has opened up numerous paths for me in both graduate studies and career opportunities"

As the continuing education arm of the University of Hong Kong, HKU SPACE has pioneered lifelong learning and continuing education in the city. 

Growing up in the Philippines, Kenley Lou always dreamt of studying in Hong Kong and decided to pursue the BSc Business and Management – for which the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) provide academic direction – at HKU SPACE.

“I was fascinated by how such a prestigious degree from one of the world’s best social science and management universities could be offered and studied in Hong Kong,” Kenley says. “As the syllabus, course materials and examinations are designed by academics from LSE, students and employers are assured that the standard attained by overseas graduates are similar to those who study on campus. 

“One of the highlights of studying the programme at HKU SPACE is that when exams approached, lecturers and professors from LSE came to Hong Kong for revision courses and explained difficult topics, answered queries and clarified mix-ups.”

Kenley graduated with First Class Honours and has been given an unconditional offer by LSE to pursue an MSc in Accounting and Finance.

“The programme has opened up numerous paths for me in both graduate studies and career opportunities,” he notes. “The University of London and HKU SPACE has given me a solid foundation for new challenges that may come along. I am sincerely grateful to the University of London and HKU SPACE for providing this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

From Russia, Yaroslav Sherstoboev studied for his GCSE and A levels in the UK and then commenced his BSc Banking and Finance at a teaching institution in Malta. Upon learning that this particular degree would no longer be taught at the institution, he took the opportunity to transfer his study programme to HKU SPACE. 

“I was focused on Asia and particularly on Hong Kong because the development of this city is incredible,” Yaroslav says. “The banking sector fits particularly well with my Bachelor degree and there are some big named banks such as HSBC, Citibank and Standard Chartered.

“Studying here pushes me to do my own research and read the material provided,” Yaroslav notes. “The teachers at HKU SPACE are very good and give lots of help. There are also lots of events to go to such as FinTech, Blockchain and StartUp Token meetings. Once I finish the BSc degree I plan to do the ACCA program. This will help me to develop myself more in the finance industry.”

From Singapore, current BSc Business and Management student Claudia Zhang chose Hong Kong both for its geographical proximity and cultural similarity. 

“I am delighted to say that the facilities and convenient location of the campus, and the quality and dedication of my teachers, have all convinced me that I made the right choice,” Claudia says. 

“There are many intraschool activities including job seminars, counselling and workshops to help guide and prepare us for the working world. For anyone wanting to experience Hong Kong I would highly recommend HKU SPACE, it’s a wonderful school. My education feels very much supported and well-rounded, and I am looking forward to learning and developing as a person in my years here.”