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Study support for MSc Professional Accountancy at a Teaching Institution

Staff at some of the Teaching Institutions offering the programme share their experiences of how they help students succeed

Written by By Katherine Bull |

MSc Professional Accountancy students
By offering a variety of learning and teaching activities, students stay more engaged, says Dr Olivia Lui

Teaching Institutions support students by prompting them to think about making a strategic plan and decisions in areas such as forecasting, HRM, sustainability and resilience

The MSc in Professional Accountancy includes a wealth of interactive resources including videos, readings, computer software, quizzes, case studies and more. However, many students value the support they receive from attending Teaching Institutions, who have devised new ways to help students get the most from their studies.

How to benefit from studying at a Teaching Institution

All students access an online learning environment which hosts the interactive study materials and the tools that are designed to enable you to monitor your progress. There is an online induction to help you familiarise yourself with the online learning environment. The learning content is designed to encourage reflective and deep learning.

Dr Olivia Lui, Senior Programme Director at HKU SPACE advises that students often benefit from going through the online content, watching the videos and reading the materials before they attend a class. However, quite a few students find that it's helpful to attend the classes first. In class, students listen to lectures, watch videos, and importantly get involved in group discussions. ‘By offering a variety of learning and teaching activities, students can stay more engaged than otherwise,’ Dr Lui says.

‘As well as learning from the teaching staff, students are encouraged to share their perspectives and thoughts in class to encourage peer-to-peer learning for a better learning experience,’ explains Teo Chua Chin, SAA Global Education's Senior Head, Academic Programme and Curriculum Management.  

Students also benefit from advice given in class around managing studying with their work schedule. Aik Chiat, who studied at SAA-GE, said: ‘For students like me who are doing it as a part-time degree, the support given by the lecturer actually helps to save a lot of time as we need to juggle between work and studies.’

Lecturers at SKANS in Pakistan set topics as the pre-class work and the students are asked to come to the classes having done the necessary preparation. In class, the topics are discussed, with students encouraged to voice their views and raise questions. ‘The tutors keep the sessions interactive and, if required, set time for the students to attempt the exercises on the VLE in class,' explains Moneeza Siddiqui, Senior Manager, Academic Planning Department.

Support for the business simulation project

Teaching Institutions support you when you undertake the business simulation project, known as Icarus (part of a particular module). The project challenges you to demonstrate independent academic research skills and to apply them in a professional context. You work collaboratively online to manage a business project with other students.

Moneeza Siddiqui says: ‘Students are excited to use Icarus both as a team assignment and as a tool for learning. Regular team discussions take place during the week before finalization of the decisions that have to be made as part of the simulation. Tutors are not involved in the final decision, but provide mentoring during the discussions.'

As well as helping students to develop their business research skills, Teaching Institutions support students by prompting them to think about what factors should be considered for making a strategic plan and decisions in different areas such as forecasting, HRM, sustainability and resilience etc.

Support from Student Relationship Managers

All MSc Professional Accountancy students have access to Student Relationship Managers (SRMs) who are a key point of support for students. Will Eames, who manages the team says: 'We provide support to students throughout their journey with the University of London, from registration through to graduation. Teaching Institutions also benefit from our support and regular emails.'

Fact file:

  • You choose how many modules to study at a Teaching Institution. You don’t have to receive support for the whole programme.
  • The MSc in Professional Accountancy is currently supported in six countries and more Teaching Institutions are starting to offer the programme. Each Institution may support the programme differently to cater for the needs of its students.
  • If you’re an ACCA qualified accountant or affiliate and gained your qualification over five years ago, you’ll need to take a MOOC before you progress onto the MSc Professional Accountancy. It is run over five weeks and requires about 4-5 hours of study a week.
  • CPD: One hour of learning on your MSc equates to one CPD unit. Your MSc studies could provide your full 40 units for one year. You can even carry forward 21 units to the next year.
  • Application deadline: 4 December 2017. Apply here.

More about the Teaching Institutions mentioned:

HKU SPACE is an ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) of Gold status, and is a Recognised Centre. For applicants for the MSc in Professional Accountancy and other postgraduate programmes.

SAA Global Education Centre (SAA-GE) was established in 1985 by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants as a wholly owned subsidiary. It aims to serve and foster the needs of the accountancy industry in Singapore. SAA-GE is an ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) of Platinum status, and is a Recognised Centre.

SKANS School of Accountancy was established in 1992 and is dedicated to providing tuition support for accountancy qualifications in Pakistan. It is a Platinum status ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP and has started the process for becoming recognised by the University of London International Programmes.

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