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Our Undergraduate Laws students share their insights into business placements

Having successfully completed business placements within prestigious law firms and legal teams this year, our Undergraduate Laws students share their experiences.

Written by Georgina Jeronymides-Norie |

Undergraduate Laws students during their business placements
“Working with one of the top law firms has boosted my confidence.” – Qubra

Business Placements took place in major cities throughout Pakistan and Vietnam with globally respected law firms, where legal teams offered our Undergraduate Laws students the opportunity to gain exclusive work-based learning.

Here, students reflect on their business placement experiences and share advice on how to make the most of such an invaluable opportunity. 

Practical skills and work-based knowledge

Aleena's business placement journey included learning to work under pressure. She said: “We were getting assignments from three associates and our Managing Partner, and sometimes we had to do three assignments at the same time. At first, I felt like I could not do it…but slowly, I started improving my management skills especially with reference to time." She added:

I realised that I was turning into an efficient intern and that made me improve the quality of my assignments as well.

Mehr-un-Nisa said:

I gained the capacity to evaluate, organize and execute strategies for implementing and improving work practices. I have also developed the ability to anticipate problems and coordinate with the team to pro-actively solve issues.

Ahmed identified a significant increase in his confidence and self-motivation, thanks to encouragement and positive feedback from colleagues during his work placement. He said:

After completing this business placement, I am a much more confident person…being handed important responsibilities and having experienced practical life as a lawyer, I feel really motivated to complete my degree on time and start my career as a lawyer.

Advice for fellow students

Mirha offered reassurance and motivation for students:

Although the working environment might be challenging at first, keep persevering, the outcomes are worth it and the learning opportunities are endless.

She also suggested keeping a journal as a great way of tracking whatever you accomplish throughout the program. She said: “It enables you to look back on all the tasks you were responsible for, ones you successfully completed and the ones that played an important part in equipping you with specialised skills. This way you can gauge the extent of your learning.”

Mian Adam Jabbar Gihlin advised that every student should try to learn and communicate with senior colleagues as much as possible during their placement. Mian explained:

Every task given is a vast subject to study and mastering each area of corporate law is very helpful in getting an upper edge in this competitive market. If a student impresses his senior colleagues by staying focused and fulfilling the tasks assigned successfully, this will help in future full-time employment, with seniors seeing your potential and possibly providing good references.

Highlights from an “inspiring experience”

Kalashna shared that her Business Placement had been an inspiring experience that will stay with her forever:

I really enjoyed the exposure of working in a corporate environment, communicating with the associates and interacting with the other interns.

For Usman, as well as being given “informative and essential tasks and assignments to carry out on a regular basis”, a major highlight was “visiting the district courts, the civil and criminal procedure courts. Every step of the way we were guided by a barrister and an experienced litigator on the importance and purpose of most of the courts along with information on the various roles and purposes of lawyers and judges in the different courts.”

Syeda said: 

The highlight for me was the workplace environment, my supervisors/colleagues were so helpful throughout.

A typical day

Kashif’s experience at a law firm was a 9am start, dressed in a lawyer’s attire. He explained: “The office was very particular about punctuality and dress code, which was helpful because it gave us a sense of professionalism and responsibility from the beginning of the day. We would then be greeted by one of the associates who was supervising us. They would ask about any previous work we were given and answer our queries and then give us a new assignment.”

For Farah:

A typical day from my placement included mostly corporate work such as writing memos, answering questions, reading different Acts such as the Companies Act, 2017, proof reading, making case notes and searching cases from law digests and law books.

Ujala’s day comprised of multiple tasks. “This included speaking to lawyers regularly to update the Master file case list as well as getting to know about the next case hearing of the cases and the case copies.”

Further information:

  • We received over 320 applications for Business Placements 2018 in Pakistan and Vietnam.

  • Next year, we will be expanding our Business Placements in both Pakistan and Vietnam, as well as introducing the scheme in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

  • On behalf of our students and the University of London, we would thank all the companies that participated in the Business Placement (2018) Scheme:

    • Ahmer Bilal Soofi & Co Advocates and Counsels
    • Grant Thornton (Vietnam) Limited
    • HaiderMotaBNR
    • Ho Cho Minh City Securities Corporation
    • Nestlé
    • Orr, Dignam & Co
    • Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
    • RIAA Barker Gillette
    • Vietnam Airlines.
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