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Appreciating the simple things

Rachel Ong, Programme Executive at SIM, on how IFP students have been learning to work together as a team through serving the community.

Written by Rachel Ong |

Participants at the International Foundation Programme community service event at SIM
Students were tasked with managing game stations, acting as group facilitators, participating in games with the children and ensuring that they came to no harm.

On 24 November 2018, over 30 students from the SIM-University of London (UOL) International Foundation Programme welcomed beneficiaries of the Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty) to an Amazing Race. With the youngest participant at the tender age of three, our students couldn’t help but enjoy the wide smiles of the children who ran around the SIM campus, playing games and completing tasks.

This community service programme, which is part of the IFP curriculum, was jointly organised together with Care Corner Family Service Centre and Northwest Community Development Council. The programme aims to give families from lower-income groups an opportunity to bond over games and activities. It also aims to foster social cohesion and inculcate civic responsibility among students.

During the event, our students were tasked with either managing game stations, acting as group facilitators, or participating in games with the children.

One of our students from the IFP August intake, Dana, was in charge of the origami task and enjoyed the event as much as the beneficiaries. “I like children and also enjoyed being game master. Since my origami station had a time limit, the children taught and helped each other when they faced difficulties with folding the origami. When they had completed the task, I could see that they were very proud of their origami animals, and that made me happy too.”

Another student from the IFP May intake, Gaythri, who was a group facilitator, had this to say about her time spent with a group of nine children: “The event has been most refreshing in my eyes - where families come together as one and as equals to play the games. The most interesting element is that the children are full of hope in terms of setting their future in the right direction. I really enjoyed the innocence and the purity that the children brought to the table.”

As a Chinese saying goes, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Besides improving the quality of life for others through community work, our IFP students have also learnt to work together as a team and also to appreciate the simple things in life. We look forward to the next batch of students serving and blessing the community.