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Francesca Lagerberg - Women leading the Worldwide Conversation

Francesca Lagerberg is the third panellist we are profiling, following her participation in the University of London’s ‘worldwide conversation’ in London. At the London ‘conversation’, Ms Lagerberg provided unique insights into the world of business, and into how women’s equality can be moved forward.

Written by Binda Rai |

Francesca Lagerberg speaking at the Charter lecture 2018
Francesca Lagerberg - Global Leader, Network Capabilities, Grant Thornton International.

Women leading the Worldwide Conversation

Francesca Lagerberg is Global Leader – Network Capabilities at Grant Thornton International Ltd. As Head of the Global Network Capability team, she is responsible for growing Grant Thornton Member Firms around the world.

Previously, Ms Lagerberg was Head of Tax and Global Leader – Tax Services at Grant Thornton UK. She has specialised in tax for over 20 years and has led global teams in the fields of risk, legal, people and culture.

In 2018, Ms Lagerberg wrote the Foreword to Grant Thornton’s Women in Business: Beyond Policy to Progress report. This report focuses on the pitfalls of relying on policies, such as mandatory quotas and paid maternal leave, to ensure that more women gain top-level positions in businesses. Instead, the report recommends that a larger cultural shift is needed to address this issue, and that executives can effect this change through their behaviour at the top of their organisations. As she states in her Foreword:

There is no single initiative that will solve the problem of gender diversity. Increasing the number of women in business leadership, like any worthwhile change, will take time and may be hard. Businesses, including Grant Thornton, must navigate their way and a key part of that will be showing to those potential future leaders that this journey is worthwhile.

Ms Lagerberg’s background in journalism positions her as a frequent commentator and writer on issues such as global economic trends, women in business and topical tax issues. Through her media appearances, Ms Lagerberg has advocated for the need of diverse thinking within the corporate world, especially in encouraging women to take on senior leadership roles.

In 2016, Ms Lagerberg was named ‘Personality of the Year’ at The Accountant & International Accounting Bulletin Awards. She is also a trustee for the Global Fund for Children and for the UK TaxAid charity.

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