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Relishing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

The Malaysian scholarship recipient, Angel Siah, talks to London Connection about pushing herself to the limits and leaving Malaysia for the first time.

Written by Written by Peter Quinn |

Angel Siah with Simon Askey
Angel Siah pictured with the Director of the Undergraduate Laws Programme, Simon Askey

It seems that the best things in life always manifest themselves when you go the extra mile

I started my journey with A levels where I took Law as one of my subjects. It was then that I knew I found my passion for Law and when I was exposed to the law degree offered by the University of London International Programmes, I was attracted as to how it was a 100 percent examination-based course. I personally find programmes that are structured this way more scholastic and that helps deserving students to achieve great results in the end.

I am the only child in my family and do not come from a family of any legal background. I am a firm believer of the idea that nothing is impossible as long as you have a sufficient desire for it.

The lectures at ATC were incredibly helpful. I relied a lot on the subject guides provided by the University of London as well. Not only were they very comprehensive, but the texts and materials are practical and engaging. They became a great starting point for me whenever I studied a new topic, as it gave an overall understanding before I went into deeper explorations of the topic.

I consider myself extremely lucky because I had at least one lecturer who I could go to every time I encountered difficulties in all the four subjects I took. These lecturers were always there to personally guide me through my problems and teach me how and where I can improve.

"My effort was topped with the support from ATC as well as the materials from the University of London."

I enjoyed Contract Law the most,probably because I have some residual background knowledge of it from A levels. I like the substantive structure of the subject and how concepts link together by the end of the studies. I admit that I do prioritise this subject over others by committing relatively more time to it. Although, surprisingly, the results turned out differently because Public Law ended up being my best subject, followed by Criminal Law. I genuinely thought that my Contract Law marks would be the highest but nevertheless, I am still grateful and happy for how things turned out.

For me, I just want to push myself to the limits to do the best that I can so that I have no regrets later on. Although there will always be room for improvement, I guess I did put in a lot of time and dedication. More importantly, my effort was topped with the support from ATC as well as the materials from the University of London.

Do not underestimate peer pressure. Every time I pass by the library and see students studying diligently in there, it makes me feel guilty of procrastination. The people you mix with affects deeply the way you work and act. 

The beauty of reading law is that not only is it an intellectually challenging subject but it also develops skills in you that you do not even realise. It helps you form an inherent ability to analyse and evaluate matters from a neutral perspective and see the different facets of things. As clichéd as it may sound, it is true that there is often no one definite answer to a question as it likely depends on how you want to argue it.

"It is beyond incredible for me to have the opportunity to be here ... to be able to study in London is definitely a spectacular bonus."

This is my first time in London and, in fact, it's my first time travelling out of Malaysia. I have heard of King's and its world-class reputation as a research university. It is beyond incredible for me to have the opportunity to be here. With such amazing resources, my goal is to further mature my legal knowledge and enhance critical thinking skills as I embark upon the penultimate and final year of the LLB at Kings.

So far, King’s has been amazing. Again, the resources they have are incredible. There is no better way to complete a law degree than to be surrounded by renowned lecturers and academics. These are the people who have written books and academic articles cited across the globe and now I get to learn from them in person. To be able to study in London is definitely a spectacular bonus as well. It is such a beautiful city and I think I will never get tired of admiring it.

My short-term goal is to acquire an internship in any professional field. Even if it is not related to law, it is still something that I would like to try out in order to diversify my learning experience. In the long run, I aspire to be a litigator as my future career. I will work hard to try my chance for a further scholarship to complete the BPTC course in the United Kingdom after my law degree.

To anyone considering embarking upon the LLB journey, my advice is not to be scared or discouraged in any way, even if you are not entirely sure that this is what you really want – I was there once. Through time, I hope, you will learn to love it and find a passion for it. When that happens, you will then be motivated to go the extra mile and, by experience, it seems that the best things in life always manifest themselves when you go the extra mile. Good luck.

I am eternally grateful to ATC and the University of London – without them, none of this would have been possible. Great thanks to the University of London for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Angel studied at Advance Tertiary College in Malaysia, a University of London recognised teaching centre, for the first year of her LLB. She was awarded the Malaysian scholarship to study Years 2 and 3 of her LLB at King’s College London, having achieved the highest marks worldwide for a student taking Level 4 modules for the first time in one sitting.