October 30th 2018 - Statement on Facilities Management Services

As is common across the sector, the University of London has a number of contracted out facilities management services.  We regularly review all such services to ensure that they deliver not just the level of service we need within an approved budget, but also value to the people delivering them.

We recognise the contribution made by all staff working across our Institution regardless of whether they are employed directly by the University or by external contractors.

We announced a review, approved by the University’s Board of Trustees, of our services in November 2017.  This will see:

  • Reception, porters, audio-visual and post room staff brought back in-house by spring/summer 2019;
  • A buildings maintenance contract in-house bid prepared and tested against external suppliers in 2019;
  • In-house comparator bids submitted when other facilities contracts come to an end.

We know that when workers have been brought in-house elsewhere it has had undesired outcomes on the workers themselves e.g. higher personal pension contributions and less flexible working hours.  Consequently, we will undertake full equality impact assessments on any changes. 

The Board of Trustees identified the importance of sustaining high quality services and careful management of the implementation of our plans. Such plans will deliver a level playing field for in-house bids for service delivery.