The collection

A comprehensive collection of the works of Terry Pratchett, including all available editions, reprints and translations of his novels, short stories and journal articles; particularly noteworthy is a copy of the first edition of The Carpet People, with the full-page illustrations hand-coloured by Pratchett (Pratchett B.563). There are also texts of adaptations, audio and video recordings, journal articles featuring Pratchett, newsletters and fanzines, press cuttings, and publicity material and spin-offs as diverse as maps, diaries, calendars, posters, jigsaws, bookplates, models, tee-shirts, and badges.


The collector

Donated by Terry Pratchett’s agent, Colin Smythe.



Donations began in 2002 and are ongoing.



Catalogued online 2002 onwards. For an overview of the collection, do a mixed classmark search on “Pratchett”. Books are to be found at Pratchett A-C (the letter refers to size); audio and video versions of his work at Pratchett Media D-E; periodicals at Pratchett periodicals (runs) and Pratchett Archive (for single issues with articles by or about Pratchett); and press cuttings (e.g. interviews and reviews) at “Pratchett Press Cuttings”. Some books are stored offsite and two days’ notice is required for them to be fetched.


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Terry Pratchett papers (mainly drafts of his work).