The collection

Approximately 400 German works, mostly school textbooks, used during the Third Reich. The textbooks cover various subjects, from languages and history to mathematics, science, and even stenography, and all levels. There are runs of various textbooks, and there are issues of what is basically the same textbook for different German states, with subtle changes. There are also a few novels popular at the time, annuals, and works devoted explicitly to teaching national socialism. Once very common, as shown by some edition statements detailing print runs, the books have since become rare.


The collector

Numerous school and public libraries in Germany and Austria.



Confiscated by the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in the immediate post-war period and given or sold to the University.



Catalogued online, 2013/14. For an overview of the collection, do a mixed classmark search on [Epcom].
The collection is held off-site and material requires 48 hours (excluding weekends) to be fetched.


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