The collection

182 discrete volumes of small (duodecimo) children’s books (200 titles), published ca. 1784-1865. Most are in English, with a few in French. Evangelical/moral fiction predominates, including works by some significant writers (Mrs Sherwood; Mrs Trimmer; Maria Edgeworth). The collection includes adaptations of books not originally intended for children (Pilgrim’s Progress; Robinson Crusoe) and some non-fiction for children (e.g. botany; English history). Some books are illustrated, and there are some examples of Victorian decorated cloth bindings. A few titles are rare, such as Clara Chilcott’s Lucy, or, The Sad Consequences of Disobedience (3rd edn, 1840).


The collector

Miss Mabel Irene Martin (d. 1982), of Eastbourne.



Fifty books of Senate House Library’s  choice were bequeathed to it by Miss Martin in 1982; the Library purchased the remainder.



Catalogued online 2002/3. For an overview of the collection, do an author search on “Martin, Mabel Irene” as former owner or a mixed classmark search on [Martin].
The collection is held off-site and material requires 48 hours (excluding weekends) to be fetched.