Writings on Russia Printed Between 1525 and 1917


The collection

Approximately 1,850 titles documenting western European (especially English) perceptions of Russia between 1525 and 1917, with particular emphasis on nineteenth-century publications. Travel narratives, personal accounts of time spent in Russia, and other general descriptions form major components of the collection. Further significant subjects include Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, the Eastern Question, and various wars, especially the Crimean War. There are several works of nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction. Numerous translations indicate the spread of interest in works about Russia and the communality of knowledge across Europe.


The collector

Collected by Matthew Smith Anderson, Professor of International History at the London School of Economics (1922-2006), initially to support his first book, Britain’s Discovery of Russia 1553-1815 (1958). (see ‘M.S. Anderson, Writer of History Textbooks’, The Independent, 23 Mar. 2006).



Donated by the Trustees of M.S. Anderson in 2008.



Catalogued online 2009/10. For an overview of the collection, do an author search on “Anderson, M. S. ” as former owner or a mixed classmark search on [M.S. Anderson]. The latter brings up items in order of year of publication.
Material in the collection printed after the year 1850 is held off-site and requires 48 hours (excluding weekends) to be fetched.


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