The collection

Currently approximately 25,000 books, 20,000 pamphlets, 3,000 journal and newspaper titles and a quantity of ephemera, published by or relating to labour and radical political movements, and to political expression in art, drama and literature. Particular emphasis is on Britain and Ireland. This includes items published by radical groups, friendly societies and the Chartists from the late-eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, and many publications of Trotskyist groups, the Independent Labour Party and the Communist Party from the early to mid-twentieth century. British material is particularly strong for local and desktop publishers since the 1960s. From the 1960s and 1970s, the holdings of New Left material are very extensive, and there are some uncommon publications from the women’s movement. The collection further covers Africa, particularly South Africa; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and the West Indies; France, Germany, Italy and Spain (notably the Spanish Civil War); and the former Soviet Union. A substantial proportion of material in the collection was published in very small quantities; some is scarce. (View highlighted items from the collection in this Ron Heisler gallery.)

The collector

Mr Ron Heisler.


Donated by Mr Ron Heisler. Donations began in 2004 and are ongoing.

Access: Online cataloguing began in 2005 and is ongoing. For an overview of the catalogued portion of the collection, do a a mixed classmark search on [Heisler] (for books) or [Heisler] P for pamphlets. Both searches bring up books in a running number sequence. Books are stored offsite and two days’ notice is required for them to be fetched.


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