Ebooks & digitized texts

The Library subscribes to a variety of publishers and suppliers, offering a range of eBooks for Library members. These complete texts are available online. You can search, browse, download and even print sections from them.

Student in the Library


Thousands of eBooks are available through eBook Central. (Please note that you will be required to login to the Library Catalogue before you can access the resource.)

Most eBooks also have individual entries on the Library Catalogue, so you can do a title, author or keyword search, followed by selecting the 'ebook' option in the sidebar (to limit your search to eBooks only).

Digitized texts

In addition, you can access collections of digitized texts using the links at our eResources and eJournals catalogue, and then browse or search for available texts within the collection.

For instance the digitized texts held in:

Are passwords required?

Passwords are not required within the physical Library. Ebooks and digitised texts are available outside of the physical Library if your membership supports this (access usually includes University of London faculty, staff and student memberships).

Links to other texts available online

There are also some important readily available external resources:


Ebooks are covered by copyright legislation in the same way as printed books, and excessive downloading/printing is not permissible. Suppliers of these resources will monitor excessive copying and a screen message will warn the users concerned. Notification is also sent to Library staff to enable them to intervene if appropriate.