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Date Author Title Scale Facsimile Original in Library
[1570] Ralph Agas Civitas Londinum Not drawn to scale 1.Adams Francis, 1874; and 2.LTS, 1905 No
1572 J. Hoefnagel Londinum feracissimi Angliae regni metropolis No scale GLC, [19–?] No
1593 John Norden Norden’s maps of London and Westminster 1:20,000 LTS, 1899 No
1600 John Norden Civitas Londini Not drawn to scale. LTS, 1961 No
1658 R. Newcourt An exact delineation of the cities of London and Westminster 1:5,150 LTS, 1905 No
[1660] T. Porter The newest and exactest map of the most famous cities London and Westminster 1:15,000 LTS, 1898 No
1662 Jonas Moore A prospect and map of London, showing the River Thames to Woolwich reach 1:30,000 LTS, 1912 No
1667 John Leake An exact svrveigh of the streets, lanes, and chvrches contained within the rvines of the city of London 1:3,700 LTS, 1908 No
1677 J. Ogilby & W. Morgan A large and accurate map of the city of London 1:1,200 Margary,1976 No
[1690] Jacob de la Feuille Londini Angliae regni metropolis novissima & accuratissima 1:15,000 Greater London Council, 1969? No
[1720] Matthaeus Seutter Londinum celeberrima metropolis 1:15,000 Margary, 1976 No
1746 John Rocque A plan of the cities of London and Westminster and Borough of Southwark 1:2,437 Margary, 1971 Yes
1766 John Rocque A plan of London on the same scale as that of Paris 1:50,000 Margary, 19–? No
1795 Bedford Estates Part of the map of London, comprizing the estates of his Grace the Duke of Bedford 1:2,500 LTS, 1933 No
1799 Richard Horwood Plan of the cities of London and Westminster 1:2,500 LTS, 1966 Yes
1807 Richard Horwood A plan of the cities of London & Westminster 1:2,437 Photocopy Yes
1822 T. Starling Plan of the parish of St. Mary, Kensington, including old and new Brompton 1:4,700 LTS, 1934 No
1827 C. & J. Greenwood Map of London from an actual survey 1:9,050 Margary, 198-? No
1835 J. Cross Cross’s new plan of London, 1835 1:13,750 Guildhall Library Publ, 1998 No
1836 F.P. Thompson Map of Chelsea 1:3,200 LTS, 1969 No
1843 B.R. Davies London 1843 1:19,495 Old House Books, 1992 No
1851 J. Reynolds Reynolds’s map of London with the latest improvements 1:15,840 Yes
1851 J. Rapkin Tallis’s illustrated plan of London and its environs 1:26,677 Oxford Carto-graphers, 199-? No