Automated renewals are being introduced to reduce the number of Library fines and to make our service more convenient for readers. From February 2020 we will be trialling a rolling automated renewals process for all 2 week and 4 week loan items.

This will mean that – unless an item is specifically requested by another reader – your Library items will automatically renew twice after their initial loan period has ended, for two or four weeks each time (depending on the loan period of the specific item).

This ensures that readers are not penalised for forgetting to renew items that are not in demand by other readers.


What if an item you wish to look at is on loan?

You can place a reservation via the Library Catalogue by clicking the 'request' button next to the item listing.

SHL Catalogue request button

What if an item on loan is requested by another reader?

You will be asked to return the item by its next due date and you will be unable to renew or automatically renew the item.

Will you be fined if you forget to renew at the end of the automated renewals period?

We allow you a three-day grace period once the auto-renewals end, after that you will be fined as usual unless you renew your books.

Will you still receive courtesy notices by email while your books are being automatically renewed?

Yes. Even though your books are renewed automatically, please keep checking the courtesy emails to ensure that no one else has requested your items. (The notices are a courtesy - you are still responsible for loaned items.)

Is there a grace period once the automated renewals end?

Yes. There is a three-day grace period, after which you will need to keep renewing your books as usual.

Why are there only two automated renewals?

This is because we are trialling the automated renewals process and we wish to assess the impact on our existing services.

Can you still renew books indefinitely?

Yes. Providing that the item has not been requested by another reader and that your Library membership is valid beyond the return date of the book.

Support and feedback

If you have any questions, or if you wish to provide feedback about this service, please email us at: