Laptop Loan Service

Use Windows Surface laptop computers anywhere in the Library. The Laptop Loans Service is free and available to all Library members (excluding Day Ticket Holders).

Student in the LIbrary

Devices for loan:



  • We offer a free Laptop Loan Service for all members (excluding Day Ticket Holders*).
  • Loaned laptops may be used anywhere within the Library.
  • Free wifi is available throughout the Library.

*Day ticket holders are welcome to bring their own device into the Library, or use one of the desktop PCs in the Library.

Who is the service for?

  • Anyone with an eligible Library membership type
  • Readers who do not currently have access to a computer
  • Users who do not wish to carry their own laptop around with them during the day

Using the service

      Laptop lockers

      To borrow a laptop, go to the laptop lockers located in the Service Hall on the 4th floor:

      1. Tap the “Borrow Laptop” button on the screen*
      2. Scan your library card as shown on screen
      3. Open the assigned locker, disconnect the power lead and take out the laptop
      4. Close the locker and make sure it is locked

      * For users who cannot reach the upper or lower lockers, there is an option available to access laptops from the middle. Please press the “Easy Access Loan”.

      You will receive an email notification when you borrow a device, when one is due to be returned, when it is returned and when it is overdue.

      The laptops can be used anywhere within the Library - they must not be removed from the Library.

      • If you wish to leave the Library for any reason, the laptop must be returned to the locker (a new device can be borrowed when you return).
      • Loaned laptops are used in much the same way as your own device or a desktop PC.
      • Important note: you cannot permanently save work to these laptops because they are wiped when they restart and shutdown (this includes accidental shutdowns and when the battery runs out).
      • We strongly recommend that you regularly save your work on removable media such as a USB stick or upload it to a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. especially before switching off the device.
      • When using devices on the Library’s wireless network, you must abide by the JANET acceptable use policy and you must not install software onto the device.
      1. Tap the “Return Laptop” button on the screen
      2. Open the assigned locker, place the laptop inside and connect the power lead
      3. Close the locker and make sure it is locked

      Devices should be returned to the lockers at least 30 minutes before closing time.

      • Never leave your loaned laptop unattended.
      • Do not attempt to remove a loaned device from the Library.
      • In the unlikely event of loss, theft or damage, you will be need to reimburse the Library for the replacement cost of the device.

      Senate House Library Laptop Loans Service Terms and Conditions

      Before using the Senate House Library Laptop Loans Service, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of use outlined below:

      1. The laptops are provided for use within the Library only – please don’t remove them from the Library for any reason, for any amount of time.
      2. Please don’t leave a laptop unattended in the Library.
      3. Help us by returning the laptop to the locker 15 minutes before we close at the latest (this allows us to close the Library quickly and efficiently).
      4. Once you have borrowed a laptop or any accessories (such as headphones or a mouse), you are responsible for them. If they are damaged or not returned, you will be responsible for replacing them and the Library will decide on the cost of the replacement.
      5. Please abide by the Janet Acceptable Use Policy and the University of London’s Equality Policy. Do not attempt to download or install software onto the loaned device – if you do, you will be held responsible for any damage that this may cause.
      6. We cannot accept responsibility or liability if your data is lost while you are using one of our laptops. When a laptop is shut down or rebooted, all documents, browsing history and other personal items will be wiped automatically. Please take appropriate steps to prevent losing your data, such as saving your work to the cloud or a USB drive.
      7. You may only borrow one laptop at any time. (This also includes one type of accessory such as one mouse, one keyboard and one pair of headphones.)
      8. We cannot guarantee that a laptop will be available.
      9. Laptop loan lockers are for the storage and charging of loan laptops only.
      10. We reserve the right to limit the loan period of a laptop, or to withdraw access to the Senate House Library Laptop Loans Service at any time without giving any prior notice.
      11. We also reserve the right to withdraw your access to the Senate House Library Laptop Loans Service if any of these Terms and Conditions are breached or if we have reason to believe that a breach is likely.

      Questions and feedback

      Help us to improve the Laptop Loan Service by letting us know what worked well and, what did not work as well for you, by emailing the Information Systems team at Your feedback will help us to improve the service.