• You can order Reproductions of our material through our Document Supply Service 
  • You can order Photocopies (paper or digital) or digital Images 
  • Reproductions are supplied in accordance with UK copyright law — see the Copyright section of the guide for further details 

Complete the online order form available on our website.

  • Reproductions can be supplied as Photocopies (paper or digital) or as digital Images 
  • Photocopies are sufficient if you just need straightforward copies, although they are not suitable for publication 
  • Images are better if you need each page or part of a page supplied in a separate file, if you need to be able to make changes to the Reproductions later, or if you need to publish the material.
  • If you would like a Photocopy supplied on paper, please tell us you want the material copied in Black and White or Colour 
  • If you would like a Photocopy supplied as a PDF file, just tick the PDF box; the material will be scanned at 200dpi in the original colour and size 

If you would like Image files, tell us the File Type and Resolution you prefer, and whether the Images should be in Black and White or Colour

  • JPEG files are smaller, which makes them easier to store and transmit. 
  • TIFF files are uncompressed, which makes them easier to edit later 
  • The higher the resolution, the better the quality 
  • 72dpi is sufficient if the image is only to be displayed on a screen. 
  • 200dpi is needed if the image is to be printed out — although 300dpi may be required if the image is particularly detailed 
  • 300dpi is usually needed if the image is to be published commercially; some publishers require images to be at 600dpi 
  • Digital Reproductions (PDF Photocopies and JPEG/TIFF Images) are normally delivered via email — as a download link 
  • They can also be saved to a CD 
  • Paper Photocopies (and CDs) can be collected from the Library, or delivered by post (first class Royal Mail or Airmail) or Parcel Force 
  • Use this section to tell us what needs to be Reproduced 
  • If you know the page numbers, please indicate them 
  • If you are ordering Images and need only part of a page to be reproduced, then please indicate the part; otherwise the entire page will be scanned 
  • Your order will be passed to our specialist staff, who will check that your Reproduction can be supplied without infringing copyright or causing damage to the material 


  • We will contact you to confirm your order within a day or two 
  • We will also confirm the total amount payable: you can then pay with a credit or debit card via the University of London Online Shop 
  • If the item is subject to copyright, we will also send you a pre-completed copyright declaration that you should sign by hand and return to us by post, fax or email 
  • Once we have received payment — and copyright declaration if required — your order will be completed within a day or two, although large orders may take a few days longer 
  • We will notify you via email when your order is complete 
  • Many published works in the Library — and most unpublished works — will be subject to copyright 
  • If a work is in copyright, there are restrictions in terms of what can be copied and for what purpose 
  • General guidance is given below, although our specialist staff will assess your order in respect of whether it complies with copyright law 
  • If the individual author is known, copyright expires 70 years after the author’s death 
  • If the individual author is unknown, copyright expires 70 years after publication 
  • Works published in the last 25 years are always in copyright (or ‘Publication Right’) 
  • Images are counted as independent artistic ‘works’ 
  • Moreover, where images appear to be photographs of other artistic works, there will be an additional copyright in the photograph 
  • We cannot copy more than one article from the same journal issue, or more than 5% or one chapter from a published edition such as a book 
  • Reproductions may only be supplied for non-commercial research or private study 
  • Images can only be copied as part of another work — such as a book chapter or journal article — and not independently 

Most unpublished works held in the Library will be in copyright until 2039 

Unless an unpublished work is out of copyright 

  • Reproductions may only be supplied for non-commercial research or private study 
  • Images (including photographs and artworks) can only be copied as part of another work, not independently 
  • The Library owns its own copyright in every Reproduction supplied — this is separate from any copyrights that may subsist in the original material 
  • If you wish to publicly disseminate a Reproduction — for example, in a publication, website, exhibition or broadcast — you must first apply for a Licence from the Library 
  • You can apply for a Licence using the online order form — either when you order the Reproduction, or after the Reproduction has been supplied 
  • If the original material is not out of copyright, you will also need the permission of the relevant copyright owner(s) — the Library cannot grant permission on behalf of a third party 



Prices shown are per page


PDF file

Printed in black

& white on A4 or A3 paper

Printed in colour on A4 paper

Printed in colour on A3 paper

Up to 20 pages





Up to 50 pages





More than 50 pages





Examination Paper set






Standard Images

Prices shown are per image

JPEG or TIFF file up to 200dpi

Printed in black

& white on A4 or A3 paper

Printed in colour on A4 paper

Printed in colour on A3 paper

Up to 20 images





Up to 50 images





More than 50 images






High-resolution Images


JPEG or TIFF file

Single 300dpi image


Single 600dpi image



Postage charges are payable on all orders delivered by post.

Digital Reproductions can be saved to CD for an additional charge of £1.00 per CD.

A service charge of £2.60  per item reproduced is added for orders placed outside the Library.

Copies supplied to EU customers are subject to VAT @ 20%