2020 Student Support Appeal

Thanks to the generosity of its alumni community, the University of London’s 2020 Student Support Appeal has raised enough to support over 40 current distance and flexible learning students who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The donations received will be used to provide bursaries of up to £500 to support students, enabling them to overcome the financial challenges they are facing and continue with their studies. 

Female student studying at home

"It is such a relief to hear this news from you. I’m really grateful for your help and I am looking forward towards completing my degree this year. My family is relieved to hear this."

- Quote from a student who received a bursary

The 2020 Student Support Appeal, which ran over two weeks as a digital fundraising campaign, was an opportunity for the University’s global community to come together in support of current UoL students. Gifts were received from alumni living in 31 countries, including, but not limited to, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Financial support from the University’s alumni and friends makes a huge difference to students in times of need. The University would like to offer its sincere thanks to all who have donated towards the appeal, helping to raise over £20,000. The impact of these donations will be far reaching and have a transformative effect on enabling our students to continue with their education. 

If you are interested in supporting the University of London, please visit the Support Us section of the website, alternatively, you can donate to the Student Support Appeal online.

Messages of support from our donors

In addition to the kind donations received to the appeal, many of our alumni shared messages of support for current students:

"I am fortunate to have completed a bachelors and masters degree with UoL. I hope my small donation might help others to achieve their dreams also. Financial struggles must not inhibit education."

"I am pleased to help those who want to better themselves and their communities through studying at the University of London. It changed my life - I hope it can change yours."

"Thanks UoL to provide this opportunity to support future leaders as no one should stop learning and developing due to financial difficulties."

"UoL gave me the opportunity to achieve my dream that completed my LLB. As an alumni of UoL, it is my pleasure to support my fellow junior schoolmates to achieve their dreams."

"Good luck to all students who face economic difficulties. This is an extraordinary initiative and we must all commit to reducing barriers to accessing education."

"Keep making an impact for generations to come, knowledge in action is power."

"Wishing you all the best. A small token goes a long way in these very difficult times. Hold on strong. Don't give up!"

"Glad to help students in difficulty in order to help them continue with their studies. Through quality education we can all do our part to build a better future."