University of London signs up to Social Mobility Pledge

The University of London has signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge, as one of the first acts of the new Vice-Chancellor Professor Wendy Thomson CBE. 

Written by Binda Rai |

All universities, including the University of London, have a key role to play in supporting and promoting social mobility.

Professor Thomson explains: "We must do our utmost to remove barriers and support talented individuals to realise their full potential. Together with other universities and employers, we have signed up to play our part in promoting social mobility. The actions we take to support the Pledge will open doors for people who may otherwise have found them closed.”

The aims of the Social Mobility Pledge are in keeping with the University of London’s deeply held values and longstanding commitment to improving access to higher education. It has a proud track record of making education accessible for all, both here in the UK and abroad, where it has 50,000 students in 190 countries.

Wendy Thomson, Vice-Chancellor of University of London with Social Mobility Pledge logo overlaid
"It is through education that people become more socially mobile and that the University can make an important contribution, both here and across the world."

Social mobility pledge commitments

In signing up to the Social Mobility Pledge the University makes the following three commitments:

  1. It will collaborate with schools or colleges to provide coaching through quality careers advice, enrichment experience and/or mentoring to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.
  2. It will provide structured work experience and/or apprenticeship opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances and
  3. It will adopt open employee recruitment practices promoting a level playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.

Social Mobility Pledge

More than 250 employers have already signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge, including a number of universities.

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