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Metropolitan International United College

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Group of students sat around a table from metropolitan international university college
"MIUC has given me everything that I dreamed of and more." - Basma Moughal

Welcome from the Centre

I am always very excited to welcome students to MIUC. You become part of a talented student body that is recognised for its academic abilities, energy and creativity.

We provide consistent, high-quality and appropriate academic advising, monitoring, mentoring, nurturing and coaching to ensure academic and personal success. MIUC also offers, in our view, exceptional opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom that add value to the time inside the classroom. There is something for everyone to make your experience more fulfilling and more fun.

Time spent at MIUC will be some of the most personally demanding and challenging years of your life. They will also be the most productive, rewarding, and enlightening.

Mr Walid Mushtaq
CEO, Metropolitan International United College

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Metropolitan International United College

Recognised programmes

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Group of students from the metropolitan international university college
"The flexibility of the University of London makes it different from the local degree" - Mariyum Rafique

Student testimonial

Muhammad Haris Yousaf

Muhammad Haris Yousaf

“During my student life, MIUC took me to places like USA for a conference, held in Binghamton University for Asian studies. I was even accepted by Harvard University to participate at a conference.

Unlike other local degrees offered in Pakistan, University of London International Programmes provides flexibility, which gave me the chance to start my own business alongside my education. Now I am running four outlets named 'Only Yes' in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The teachers and academic staff at MIUC are always very approachable and willing to give advice or help with any time. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at MIUC and believe that I have come out with a very worthwhile degree.”

Graduation date: 2016
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"Joining MIUC has probably been the best decision of my academic life. " - Basma Moughal