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Shenzhen University

Recognised Teaching Centre

Sanctioned by the Ministry of Education of China, Shenzhen University was founded in 1983. The University is committed to high-quality social service in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and research by offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and providing leading-edge facilities and excellent services to students.  College of Continuing Education is an important platform for Shenzhen University to serve the society and cultivate talents. As an official strategic partner of Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange, College of Continuing Education Shenzhen University enjoys high reputation home and abroad since its history.

Shenzhen classroom
Study with Shenzhen University, graduate with the University of London

Welcome from the centre

Since the establishment of College of Continuing Education Shenzhen University, we have been delivering a variety of programmes closely in line with international standards in an effective learning environment. We are committed to cultivating students with international vision and professional knowledge, and enhancing students' critical thinking, innovative and teamwork ability. 

We believe students are the centre of our education. You will find courses in each programme are rigorous, stimulating, and preparing you for a career in the global economy. You are encouraged to actively contribute to the programmes through your learning and make the most of your time here, and we will, of course, support you by providing cutting-edge education and opportunities to apply what you learn to real world situations. Here I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to explore our challenging programmes and wonderful campus life.

Dr. Du Long
Dean, College of Continuing Education, Shenzhen University

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Shenzhen University

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Shenzhen student

Mingyao Xiong - International Foundation Programme

Being a Chinese student in IFP, I not only successfully apply English into my daily life, but also greatly improve my critical thinking and logical thinking in all aspects of study, though I felt challenged by such a subversive change from my original learning pattern and the barriers of language at the beginning. With the guidance and encouragement from teachers at SZU, I become aware of the importance of self-discipline and also find my true interest. It is rewarding to build such a solid foundation in IFP and I believe it will be beneficial for my further study.

Graduation date: 2020
Shenzhen student

Ziqi Guo - International Foundation Programme

Studying UoL IFP delivered at SZU teaching centre was a correct decision I have made. When I was studying in the IFP, I learned how to cooperate and communicate with classmates through group discussions and presentations. Also, I improved logical and critical thinking through writing economic essays, solving mathematics problems, and so on. I will cherish the experiences and I’m happy that I was given this chance.

Graduation date: 2020
Shenzhen sports stadium
Shenzhen offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and provide leading-edge facilities and excellent services to students.