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About local teaching centres

While most of our courses have been designed for independent study, over half of our students choose to receive additional tuition and support from one of our Recognised Teaching Centres.

We work with a network of around 120 institutions all over the world. Each of these has met a set of quality requirements to ensure that they have the capabilities and expertise to support our courses.

The University of London is revising the recognition framework for institutions teaching our degrees during the latter half of 2018.

Institutions that enter into an agreement with the University will be known as University of London Recognised Teaching Centres.

Teaching institutions will enter the new framework before 1 April 2019. You can contact us via if you have any questions.

See our global directory

What support do you receive?

Some of our recognised institutions offer lectures and seminars. This allows you to discuss academic issues in small groups with a tutor.

Classes may be provided full-time or part-time. Check that the level of support fits with your schedule.

You can also benefit from academic and recreational facilities, including libraries, computer facilities, and clubs or special interest groups.

Some Recognised Teaching Centres offer online support, which may be useful if you live too far away to attend regularly.

You may receive extra study materials, such as audio and video lectures, and the opportunity to participate in online discussions.

Enrol at a local centre

Enrolling at a teaching centre is separate from registering as a student with the University of London.

To benefit from local teaching support, you must enrol and pay any tuition fees charged by that centre.

You should await our confirmation that you are eligible to study your chosen course before you do so.

How do I choose the right centre?

Courses you must study at a Recognised Teaching Centre

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Computing and Information Systems
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Creative Computing
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences
  • International Foundation Programme.

For these courses, you must register and study at a centre that has been approved to teach that programme.

Find your nearest Recognised Teaching Centre.

Our quality process

Once we approve teaching institutions to support our students, they become a Recognised Teaching Centre in accordance with our new framework.

Read our Recognition Framework. [PDF] (The University of London is revising the recognition framework for institutions teaching our degrees during the latter half of 2018.)

Supporting our students

If you are interested in supporting our students, or would like to have your existing support more formally recognised, we would like to hear from you.

Become a Recognised Teaching Centre.