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Universal College Islamabad (UCI)

Recognised Teaching Centre

Welcome from the Centre

Universal College Islamabad (UCI) was established in 1992, with the objective to provide quality education of the British standards at an affordable cost in Pakistan.

We decided to offer the University of London programmes. Our hard work of 26 years has resulted not only in establishing our credibility, but also setting high standards for the delivery of British-type of education in Pakistan. UCI launched ACCA courses in 2001.

UCI has participated in many of the events organised by the University of London and interacted and shared the experiences with the faculty and management teams at LSE, UOL and other institutions.

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Student testimonial

Khadija Khan

Khadija Khan - Accounting and Finance

“I am thrilled about this role as not many graduates have had the opportunity to enter into investment banking straight after graduating. Had it not been for Universal College Islamabad (UCI) and the University of London international programmes I would never have won a scholarship to study at the LSE. UCI gave me the learning environment I required to get excellent grades.”

Khadija studied for her BSc Accounting and Finance at UCI and she won the scholarship to do her Master at LSE in London. She now works at International Investment Bank Societe Generale, Paris, France. She undertakes auditing assignments in different parts of the world.

Graduation date: 2009